The EsportsCircus is a mobile Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics venue that produces events focusing on the College Esports community along with Robot Wars(Battle Bots) and VR Games.  Join our collegiate and amateur traveling sports arena.  Our main event is the Esports college matchup, and with over 400 colleges and growing.  Since the Esports seasons can be 52 weeks long we can see more schools and build the Circus League.  Plus, an all challengers free-for-all and amateur level teams can battle it out for big prizes and bragging rights. We will live-stream all games to a our own TV network, Twitch, Mixer. Youtube, and on our social media sites.

A portion of the net proceeds from each event will be distributed to the participating esports teams.

The Esports Circus includes a group of investors from the Internet technology, engineering, and broadcasting fields with over 30 years of experience in the ISP, live streaming, gaming and esports industries.

Our goal is to build an organization that helps students and amateurs expand their talents to become stalwart ambassadors in the Esports gaming industry and provide VR game developers sponsorship and sales opportunities. To produce and live stream events that reaches millions of viewers generating untold revenue. Ultimately, the EsportsCircus will license its platform throughout the US, Canada, and all emerging markets.

The EsportsCircus awarded the prestigious STEM certification for our work to further the arts and technology in education. is the longest continually-operating, privately-held STEM education research and credentialing organization in America. Since 2001, its leadership has assisted with key initiatives that have been critical to the overall growth and proliferation of the movement, including early work on the 2005 STEM Congressional Caucus. Its team demonstrates the best in pedagogics / andragogics, supporting the world’s top brands, organizations and thousands of educators globally

We have partnered with Cinetransformer. This internationally recognized manufacturing company is responsible for building world-class experiential mobile marketing custom vehicles. They have designed a specialty vehicle to service our Esports needs. It will give our gamers a real cinema experience and allow our partners to wrap the trailer with their famous brands.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 800-287-5095 or 818-624-4242