These are some of the upcoming events we have coming up in the 2020 season of the EsportsCircus.  There are other dates we have that are not yet published.  If you would like to join the Circus League to host a tournament or to participate in one please contact us by calling 800-287-5095

On February the EsportsCircus will host a tournament at the Fresno State University to showcase there new League of Legends and Overwatch teams.  We will have an invitational challenge with prizes and lots of great action.

These will be a free pay area and plenty of interesting booths and other exciting activities.

Full schedule to be posted soon.

The EsportCircus will host a 3 day circus featuring rounds of Esports Tournaments.  Teams will play League of Legends, Overwatch and Smash Brothers.

We will also introduce The Robot Gladiator Arena.

Next our team will show case a VR Carnaval.