Get Back, Get Back to where we once belong.

As we start to recover from this pandemic and look for ways to get back to work, EsportsCircus is continuing to support our partners, education members, and friends in this trying time.
Well, we are all concentrating on getting our physical and economic health back to pre-COVD times; many of us are struggling with mental issues.
I was struck when a friend of mine who’s a concert pianist was struggling with all her events this year being canceled and the death of two close friends and her mother passing. This was too much for her, and she committed suicide.
We are committed to making sure that We do everything we can to support all of you. We Are announcing that we are hosting an event called to get back, get back to where we want to belong. This is a vent that will happen on the 23rd of this month and will host music and gamers streamed on the Internet and for a limited number of people tickets to our live event.
The event will have several music acts as well as tournaments from some of the popular games going on at the same time.
We will also have a networking area where you can go into a private room with a bunch of your fellow gamers and socialize.
The live event will be hosted at a location to be determined soon.
Tell me that it will be from 10 AM to 10 PM.
 All profits to be donated to our partner charities and to be distributed to the gamers and musicians performing.