Become an Esports Investor

Who We Are

Esports Circus includes a group of investors from the Internet technology, engineering, and broadcasting fields with over 30 years of experience in the ISP, live streaming, gaming, and esports industries. Esports Circus is a mobile Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics venue that produces events focusing on the College Esports community along with Robot Wars(Battle Bots) and VR Games. Our goal is to build an organization that helps students and amateurs expand their talents to become stalwart ambassadors in the Esports gaming industry and provide VR game developers sponsorship and sales opportunities. To produce and live stream events that reach millions of viewers generating untold revenue. Ultimately, the Esports Circus will license its platform throughout the US, Canada, and all emerging markets.

What we offer

Sponsors generally get their logo placed on a team’s uniforms and on the team’s website. With “The Esports Circus”, we 10X your brand’s visibility through all our channels, via our website, our live event audiences, and with our live and recorded streaming services. In addition, you will get your brand presented to ALL the teams that come to our events. If only 2 events are held each month and 10 teams participate, as many as 240 teams are exposed to your brand instead of one, including the school’s alumni, students, friends, and family.

Sponsors will receive analytics and lead generation from our shows. Each year Esports the circus will apply a rebate to the following year’s sponsorship through our Loyalty Program.

Each year Esports Circus will apply a rebate to the following year’s sponsorship through our Loyalty Program.

We are looking for

We are seeking strategic investors and sponsors. Esports is the fastest growing sports phenomenon and we are positioned to be a leader in the industry. Contact us for more information.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 800-287-5095 or 818-624-4242