Esports Circus at NAMM

The EsportsCircus™ Booth at the 2020 NAMM conference was a complete success. We had a largest booth on our floor (600 square-foot), showcasing all the best in gaming. The big hit was the gaming stations themselves, with 10 PC’s all running 50 incredible games. Over 1000 people played and many more came to watch. We allowed for tons of free play time between contests.  Our tournaments were held throughout the show and included Fortnight, Minecraft, Super Smash Bros. 8, and Mario Kart™. Prizes included HyperX headsets, Mice, Gaming pads, and everyone who entered got a free copy of EsportsEDU, a great book on Esports.  Our booth included two VR video arcade systems with four incredible games to choose from and a high-resolution VR chair that took you to China with an unbelievable 360-degree view of the country’s sights and culture.

We also had an interview area in the center of the EsportsCircus™ booth that allowed us to interview and live stream right from the show floor. The NAMM organizers were thrilled by the response from both attendee’s and exhibitors, and we will be coming back next year bigger and better!

We’d like to thank NAMM and our incredible sponsors who were part of all the fun like HyperX, OWC, PTZ Optics, SlingStudio, StackUp, 4 Wall Entertainment, CinemaEsports, Retired Players Network, BeyondEsports, and Canopy™.

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