BirdDog Multiview Pro


BirdDog Multiview Pro



BirdDog Multiview Pro

NDI Multiview has been designed to be incredibly powerful and super intuitive to use. Create an NDI Multiview stream in a matter of seconds. Simply select the Multiview layout of your choice, select which NDI® source you want in each window, and select which overlays you wish to see. Toggle on the NDI® switch and you are sending a Multiview window out as a standard NDI® source. Yes. It really is that easy.

  • Multiview Pro features 5 pre-set template layouts – full screen, 2√ó2, 3√ó3, 4√ó4 and the traditional 2&8 (two large and eight small windows)
  • NDI Multiview Pro supports up to six 4√ó4 windows for a total of 96 independent NDI sources.
  • Generate NDI Multiview windows in seconds
  • Autodetects and accepts any Proxy or Full NDI Source
  • Toggle NDI output to create an NDI compatible stream
  • Generate 6 independent Multiview streams per software app
  • Decode with BirdDog NDI Hardware Decoders or NDI Monitor
  • Selectable resolution output – 720p or 1080p
  • Selectable and frame rate outputs as low as 1fps to 30fps save on bandwidth

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Weight 3 oz