Magix Sound Forge Pro 12 Suite (Upgrade from Older Standard or Pro Version) – Academic ESD


Magix VEGAS Pro 17 Suite (Upgrade from Previous Version) ESD

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Magix Sound Forge Pro 12 Suite (Upgrade from Older Standard or Pro Version) – Academic ESD

SOUND FORGE Pro 12 Suite is the ideal audio editor for creative artists, producers, and sound designers. The SOUND FORGE audio engine has been further developed and ensures ultra-precise results for dedicated audio editing. The new 64-bit SOUND FORGE Pro enables you to harness the full power of your PC for all audio editing tasks. Record multichannel audio simultaneously on up to 32 channels and in 64-bit/192 kHz resolution. For editing, restoration and mastering tasks, effortlessly remove noise with integrated restoration effects. Shape your project’s sound with sophisticated mastering tools by iZotope and the transparent audio engine. Create broadcast-ready productions and gold-standard masters.


  • Architecture: 64-bit
  • Record: Record on up to 32 channels in 64-bit/384 kHz in premium quality.
  • Sound design: Sophisticated audio editing and restoration with the new DeHisser, DeClipper, DeClicker & DeCrackler
  • Post-production: Significantly optimized broadcast-ready wave files
  • Mastering: Discover new high-quality tools such as Wave Hammer 2.0 (multiband compressor), equalizer, multiband compressor and mastering limiter.
  • Standards: VST3 support / DSD import & export / High-quality POW-r dithering / DAO CD mastering to Red Book specification

Suite Includes

  • SOUND FORGE Pro 12
  • SpectraLayers Pro 5
  • essentialFX Suite
  • Analogue Modelling Suite
  • Vintage Effects Suite
  • VariVerb II
  • Vandal