NewBlue Titler Live 4 Social ESD


NewBlue Titler Live 4 Social ESD

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NewBlue Titler Live 4 Social ESD

Titler Live 4 Social instantly brings your show to the next level with  live audience comments, tweets and Facebook polling. 

Quickly connect to live videos on your Facebook, Twitter and  YouTube pages to engage your audience with stunning 3D animated  social graphics. Combine all your social media feeds into one to save  time and easily manage your show on the fly. 

Choose from fresh, ready-to-use designs for social comments, polling,  main titles and lower thirds in the Title Designer or easily bring in  your own graphics from Adobe‚ìá Photoshop‚ìá. 

Work with leading streaming solutions to deliver 3D animated  graphics that will enhance your live shows using 1 channel of NDI‚ìá or  SDI key & fill.