ProDAD Mercalli V4 Suite for Sony Vegas Pro ESD *Vegas Pro 12 & 13 ONLY*


ProDAD Mercalli V4 Suite for Sony Vegas Pro ESD *Vegas Pro 12 & 13 ONLY*

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ProDAD Mercalli V4 Suite for Sony Vegas Pro – Includes Mercalli V4 Stabilizr plugin, cmosFIXR plugin, Mercalli V4 SAL+ standalone. * Vegas Pro 12 & 13 ONLY *


“The Power of Mercalli V4 Now Available For Vegas”


Description: “proDAD’s highly acclaimed Mercalli V4 video stabilization and dynamic CMOS distortion correction technology is now available for Sony Vegas Pro 12 & 13 users.  The suite includes the Mercalli V4 StabilizrÔand the cmosFIXRÔplugins for Vegas and the powerful Mercalli V4 SAL+ stand-alone application for Windows.  The dynamic duo plugins effectively stabilize shaky video with minimal zoom-in and remove jello/wobble and vibration jitter caused by the camera’s CMOS sensor…all right on the on the Vegas timeline. “



  • Highly effective correction for shaky, wobbly, jittery video for seamless use within Vegas 12 and 13 as a plugin.
  • Full-auto mode allows selected portion of a video clip to be analyzed and corrected with recommended settings, or fine-tuned manually.
  • Almost no zoom-in compared with Mercalli V2 and the Vegas internal stabilizer for higher final resolution and view area.
  • Interactive charts show graphically where the “hot spots” of shake are in a clip to help zero-in on areas that could benefit from correction.
  • New “fade”-option seamlessly starts and ends stabilization, bringing to life an oft-requested feature to stabilize a short sequence within a longer scene.
  • Automatic CMOS distortion correction automatically analyzes the video and “learns” the camera’s CMOS sensor characteristics and dynamically corrects distortions, removing wobble, jello, and vibration jitter with virtually no zoom-in.
  • Includes the Mercalli V4 SAL+ stand-alone version with its enhanced correction not possible in a plugin to help fix stubborn clips.


System Requirements

Recommended:  Intel Corei7 with 8GB RAM, GPU enabled graphics card with 2GB or more VRAM.  Windows 10, Windows 8/1/8, Windows 7.  Requires Sony Vegas 12 or 13.