SmallHD 702 7” High Bright Monitor


SmallHD 702 7” High Bright Monitor

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SmallHD 702 7″ High Bright Monitor

The sharpest daylight viewable field monitor available.

  • It’s bright. – 1000 Nits
  • It’s sharp. – 1080
  • Enough said.

The SmallHD 702 Bright is the first of a new line of feature rich 7-inch monitors, the 700 Series. With a 1000nits, 1920×1080 LCD,
The 702 Bright is pixel perfect for daylight shooting.

The 702 Bright represents a new breed of daylight viewable displays. Along with its exceptional brightness, 
the LCD panel features optically bonded glass with anti-reflective coating.

Housed in an aircraft grade aluminum unibody, the 702 Bright is both durable and functional. Contributing to its slim physique is an 
industry first, Sony L Series and Canon LP-E6 battery solution (No battery plate required.)

The 702 Bright is built on SmallHD’s Page Builder OS. It’s the operating system that feels less like firmware, 
and more like a production assistant. Create multiple pages (12 max), populate each with features you wish to use such as scopes, 
looks or focus assists then switchback and forth with a left-or-right flick of the joystick.

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