Tokina Cinema 4×5.65 Clear Supermist Filter (1/2 Strength)


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Tokina Cinema 4×5.65 Clear Supermist Filter (1/2 Strength)

Clear Supermist is a diffusion filter that primarily affects halation. You can control how much bloom or halation your image receives based on lighting angle and strength of light sources in your scene.

Clear Supermist made of fine clear colorless particulate that is bonded between two pieces of Schott B270 Optical Glass which exceeds 4K resolution capability. The clear particulate ranges in size from slightly smaller than a pixel to slightly larger than a pixel size to alter incoming light that creates the pleasing reduction in resolution with a primary effect on halation and some contrast.

Available in strengths of 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and 1. The 1/4 strength is the most popular for a stronger halation effect. Halation filters are generally preferred in stronger densities to make the effect noticeable.

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