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With over 400 institutions of higher learning presently providing tuition assistance for gaming students, EsportsCircus is helping develop the structure and tools needed to advance collegiate esports in the varsity space. We are collaborating with national organizations in laying the groundwork in areas such as Eligibility, Path to Graduation, and Competition & Scholarships.

We have established our league within the collegiate community, and we grow together, promoting our events and provide cash and other prizes. With our program, we come to your school and produce a collegiate tournament inviting other schools. Research shows that teams will travel up to five hours to compete in an esports competitive challenge. 


As a host, you provide a venue with power, Internet, security, and restrooms for the event. We do not require a fee. The host school receives 5% of the revenues of the streaming and ticket sales, vendor booths, and retail sales. If your school or its participants secure a sponsor for the event, we have a 50/50 rev-share program back to your school, esports program, or team.

We bring our broadcast truck to your campus venue with a trailer that will live stream the event and set up virtual-reality and mobile games. We will feature popular as well as new up-and-coming games for students and attendee participation.

If you are a competing school, you do not get 5% of the revenue, but you can still get a 50% revenue share on any sponsors you being us. Plus, your team and crew are in the event for free. All schools get an allotment of comp ticks to sell or give way. Plus a discount on tickets you can sell and bring in more money for your team.


The EsportsCircus and our partners will help develop the structure and tools needed to build your collegiate esports team in today’s varsity space. Our team has a proven path to lay the groundwork in areas such as Eligibility, Path to Graduation, and Competition & Scholarships.

EsportsCircus also has a team of marketing and broadcast engineers who know how to build a successful monetization program so your team can not only support itself but create a positive contribution back to the program and school.

Our team of engineers and IT crew can also build the best esports environment to fit your team’s needs. See more about our program at https://esportscircus.samcart.com/products/esports-team-builder


With EsportsCircus, there are many ways to do team building and pre-STEAM career networking. There is much coordination among athletic teams in both Esports and AR/VR, as well as in robotics. Esports Circus allows for a more intense level of collaboration and train students in effective ways of communication and other skills that will take your school students into a STEAM-centric career and expand student life opportunities. Three of the fastest-growing industries in our century are robotics, AR/VR, and Esports. Many job opportunities are being created outside of collegiate teams, and Esports Circus events offer networking connections and

a pathway to these careers and skills building. The cornerstones of our society are embedded in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Esports can help bring the STEAM gap between students and STEAM career and skills-building options. You will network with other schools and students around the country, expose your students to STEAM job opportunities, and attract like-minded individuals.



EsportsCircus is structured to provide a safe and entertaining environment for people to play and experience esports and for your team to compete in our “circus league.”

The EsportsCircus is committed to creating an environment of inclusivity. Our events are welcome to all players, and we encourage anyone who has felt left out for any reason to join us.

For more info contact Ringmaster Jeffrey at jeff@esportscircus.com or call 818-624-4242.25