BROADCAST ENGINE E R 3 0 YEARS Before being the head of the E-Sports Circus, Jeffrey ran Advantage Video Systems for 18 years , a leader in systems integration. The company has built numerous production, post-production facilities, VFX houses, and 250 TV stations nationwide. AVS installs Video, Audio editing bays, DI bays Voice over rooms VFX bays and screening rooms. In the back, AVS dose everything for your facility from Render Farms, Shared Storage, Media Asset Management, Archiving, Distance based KVM’s, UPS, cabling and so much more. 200 + BROADCAST & TV STATIONS 2+ BILLION LIVE STREAMS 18 YEARS OF RUNNING A BUSINESS 10 YEARS IN DESIGNING ESPORTS TECH

Donn Montoya

Head of Marketing and Partnerships
An Angel Investor with a solid background in building and managing start-up or ongoing sales, marketing, business development, branding/strategy, supply chain and operations. Over 20 years of management experience and a founding member, partner or executive with new technology/Internet companies, including Earthlink, InternetConnect DSL, MCI, Novantus, ExpertDojo, Advantage Video Services and HyreCar(HYRE on NASDAQ). Donn has been instrumental in raising over 90M dollars through private placement and venture capital.

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